And…The Number 1 Reason You Should Always Know What Exactly You Are Selling; Actually, 24 Million Reasons.

I come across and work with a lot of talented “Pitchmen” for a lack of a better word. I actually hate the term, mainly because it’s been so over used these days, it’s actually conjured up a negative image in recent studies.

Most of these men and women pitch items on the shopping channels, on DRTV, in Internet Marketing spots on the web. Yesterday a news story came out about a very popular TV talent selling on a large shopping network, items that were grossly misrepresented according to a recently filed lawsuit. I share this because with the competitive nature of DRTV (direct response television), sometimes making a dollar to some is more important then researching the product they are selling.
Research Products before DRTV ads

3 Tips to Help You Avoid Legal Trouble:

1. Do Your Homework – Many times I have seen an inventor use a 3rd party mediator in China only to have his product knocked off before the ink is dry on the contract. Do your research, and be sure you know whom you’re dealing with from the very beginning.

2. Be Upfront – Familiarize yourself with the product, travel to the factory if you need to, but make sure you are representing exactly what you are selling.

3. Know The Process – Familiarize yourself with the important players in your supply chain and also get familiar with whom you’re dealing with. Once that is done, it’s all smooth sailing that is if your product sells.

Here at The Cross Agency, we have requirements and a list of criteria and paperwork that need to be completed before you come on board as a partner. We take pride in knowing all our clients are great business people, who stand behind their products 100%. The Cross Agency makes amazing DRTV spots, engaging digital marketing campaigns and manages media like no one else can.  TCA can dramatically improve your CTA.

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