Our Purpose is Simple

We help our clients scale their businesses through efficiency. We create control by utilizing response data and technology to better target and communicate with a specific TV audience. We measure success in key performance indicators. There’s accountability with every commercial we run. Our office locations include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Jacksonville.

We Set Our Expectations Very High, Then Raise Them.

At TCA, we pursue, hire and keep the best people in the business. We don’t wait for numbers to change, we anticipate and make adjustments on the fly. We never quit working for your bottom line. We spend your money with the same care that we spend our own.

We attack everything with passion. We outthink, outperform and outwork. We react to changes and turn on a dime with media as well as creative. If you trust us with your product or business, we will reward that trust with energy, integrity and again, passion.

Our Team Members Are A Cut Above The Competition

TCA's Formula






Nick Troiano
CEO of Cross MediaWorks (CMW), the parent company of TCA

Under Troiano’s leadership, CMW has transformed into a global company that provides a suite of end-to-end, data-driven advertising, technology and media solutions for a rapidly changing video marketplace. With Troiano as CEO, the family of CMW companies has grown to include the innovators in their respective markets, including: Cadent, a leading provider of media, advertising technology and data solutions for the pay-TV industry; The Cross Agency, a data-driven performance-based marketing and advertising agency; and one2one Media, a newly formed company focused on expanding and streamlining the addressable video marketplace.

Natalie Wollet

As COO, Wollet oversees corporate operations to produce new business, shape client strategy, and drive ongoing company integration. She promotes a goal oriented, collaborative environment where employees treat client budgets as if it was their own. It enhances the company’s core values and drives a culture of focused execution and accountability for TCA and its clients. She applies her background in communications and marketing with her experience in media science to create strategic initiatives that drive measurable results. Wollet’s fast-paced career is fueled by her need to be a disruptor, innovator, and at times a rebel with a competitive streak. She aims to influence and inspire.

Anne Stesney
Executive Creative Director

Anne Stesney believes that good creative doesn’t just sell to consumers, it connects with them. She uses research and data to create advertising that is actually fun to watch—all helping move the needle for her clients in beauty, health, consumer electronics and more. She’s had Amy Sedaris sell Downy laundry products, shouted out, “Girls Can!” for Covergirl, and taught NFL players how to style their daughter’s hair for Pantene’s “Dad-Do,” Her work has been featured in many publications and TV shows, some that even her parents recognize. She’s also won some of the industry’s top creative awards, including Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils and a Clio.

Amie Smith
Executive Media Director

By monitoring and measuring media performance for efficient ROI delivery, Amie Smith was working in programmatic buying long before the industry buzz word existed. She has tailored her career as a seasoned media professional with 20 years of experience working with a variety of verticals including clients: UnitedHealthcare, Discover Financial Services, Luxottica/LensCrafters brand, and Universal Orlando Theme Park and Resorts. Smith is key in strategy development and brings a lens of both direct response and brand building awareness to campaign development. Smith leads a media team of strategists, coordinators, and researchers. Her background includes data analysis and media optimizations, and is a firm believer that data is king. During this time, she has cultivated great relationships with multiple media vendors. Amie and her media team provide service and solutions that help drive performance media at scale.