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“Fastpitch” is a fast-paced event that challenges local entrepreneurs to think fast on their feet and pitch their ideas, products, and services in a short amount of time. Held by CoWork Jax, “Fastpitch” takes place four times a year at their downtown Jacksonville location.  We recently had the pleasure of attending a “Fastpitch” event. The …

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Gearing Up for The Gate

The Gate River Run is one of the largest 15K races in the county and takes place in just three short days. People from all around the world visit our city to run this race and one of our very own will be participating. Amanda Mason, Senior Art Director here at The Cross Agency is …

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2014 Broadcast Calendar

The 2014 Broadcast Calendar is available for download. Click here to download.

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You May Be Marketing To The Wrong Market

Did you know? The average Porsche buyer is 58 years old. The average American Express cardholder is 57 years old. Or that Americans over the age of 50 purchase more Apple products than any other generation. Are these indicative of a nationwide, multilateral midlife crisis? No, actually the answer is quite simple: They can afford …

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3 Tips To Avoid Legal Trouble With Product Marketing

And…The Number 1 Reason You Should Always Know What Exactly You Are Selling; Actually, 24 Million Reasons. I come across and work with a lot of talented “Pitchmen” for a lack of a better word. I actually hate the term, mainly because it’s been so over used these days, it’s actually conjured up a negative …

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