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web design and development

Web Design Trends

Our team of creative web designers and developers are constantly familiarizing themselves with the latest in web design trends from simplistic designs to beautiful use of typography. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with designs that perfectly represent their business and brand.

Responsive Web Design

In today’s age, everyone is surfing the web in a variety of devices, from desktops and notebooks to tablets and mobile devices. We use responsive web design to create modern websites that adjust to any browser size. This gives visitors the highest quality and full view of your website.


Newer and better web browsers are hitting the Internet, and they are adapting to the newest Markup Language called HTML5. HTML5 gives us the ability to design websites ideal for the latest web browsers and even smart phones. And with the new CSS3 features, we are exploring new design styles, layouts, and effects for all our website creations.

Designing for the Best User Experience

Design and User Experience are always at the pinnacle of any web design project. We examine a website’s practical usage, accessibility, and navigation. We also examine the type of visitors who access your website, whether they are shopping for goods or learning about your services.

CMS & E-Commerce

We work with a variety of Content Management systems from WordPress to Joomla!. Using any of these CMS platforms, we can design a unique template for your brand, build everything from pages to sidebars, and write and organize your website content. You will be able to take control of your own website and edit, publish, and update your content whenever needed. And if you need help selling your products online, we can deliver professional e-commerce websites using Magento or Volusion.

Search Engine Optimization (Organic)

As many studies point out, organic search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing activities you can undertake. Search engine users prefer clicking on organic, or natural, search listings because they perceive them to be credible sources. At The Cross Agency, our SEO services are highly integrated. Our experts offer their input and recommendations to our design and development team to ensure that the format and functionality of your site will perform optimally in the search engines as well. To make sure search engines and customers find your site, our targeted search engine optimization strategies include the following:

  • Technical: A solid technical foundation ensures that search engines can find, crawl and index your site to help your company appear higher on search engine results pages.
  • Content: Keyword-rich and authoritative content shows search engines and consumers that you are an expert in your industry and a trustworthy source of information.
  • Linking: A strategic linking campaign builds authority for your site and directs traffic to the information they are seeking. Learn about our collaborative approach to search engine optimization.

By applying these important SEO tactics, your site can gain clout in the search engines. With increased search engine rankings, you are on your way to attaining your business goal of gaining customers by presenting your company as an expert in the industry.

Pay-Per-Click & Search Engine Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-per-click management (PPC) allows clients to remain relevant to consumers no matter how search habits change, so individuals are always presented with the information they are seeking. Targeting consumers at the very moment they are looking to buy is the advantage this has over other online tactics. One major benefit of pay-per-click management programs is instantly having search engine exposure while waiting for longer-term strategies to take effect. Using these tactics and strategies, The Cross Agency has become one of the fastest growing search engine-marketing firms in the country.

Keyword bid management

At The Cross Agency, our team researches the most pertinent and searched keywords that apply to your brand. We focus on these keywords on a constant basis and adjust bids to meet the growing demand of the search audience. We take advantage of all the greatest areas of growth by seeking new opportunities to replace dilapidated search trends.

Ad copy testing

Testing ad copy finds the message that speaks to your audience about the benefits that are important to them. Targeted paid search marketing advertisements can motivate individuals to click on your ad and convert on your website.

Paid search marketing benefits

With analytics tagging and tailored paid advertisements, we can track your customers from search to conversion. This ability allows us to better understand customer behavior and modify your strategy to reach consumers instantaneously.

Social Media

Marketing technology continues to evolve and grow. Companies are beginning to make use of social media platforms as an effective way to engage with consumers.

The Cross Agency can develop across-the-board social media initiatives utilizing a variety of social media platforms, based on understanding communities and objectives. Services include blogging strategies, widget development, social media monitoring, video sharing and social networking campaigns, viral marketing and creative solutions, user reviews and ratings, and mobile application advertising. Our team works closely to keep your message on track, and directed to your customer accordingly.

Social Marketing

The Cross Agency has a dedicated Social Media team that is a primary part of our Marketing Execution and Measurement group. Social Media isn’t just a different “distribution channel” – it’s essentially changed the way that online media works. Social media has a huge impact on SEO; components that are vital to include in your paid media campaigns and marketing. At The Cross Agency we have evolved our social media strategies (social listening, reputation management, etc.) to have a direct path to the SEO and Paid Media teams.

This allows us to better design our campaigns across the media genre that fosters social media influences to lead to improved search performance and impressions. The Cross Agency’s social media team also works directly with the Creative and Customer Experience department to ensure that social factors are an integral part of a site design and user experience – improving the impact on all media campaigns. We believe your company has a great story; we just want to share it with the rest of the world.

Audience Targeting Coming Soon

Online Display Advertising

The Cross Agency knows that online advertising continues to develop. A major driver of this growth is mainly due to advances in targeting and measurement. Proper incorporation of display advertising into the online marketing strategy enables us to drive efficiencies and results via numerous sales channels. Display advertising also enhances other online media and offline marketing campaigns while increasing brand awareness and direct response metrics.

The Cross Agency takes a strategic approach to understanding your goals and objectives. We then develop a comprehensive, customized advertising plan to meet them.

Our efforts include everything from banner ad placements and rich media to streaming audio and video. Our amazing creative design team works with our online advertising experts to develop convincing, creative campaigns. We have extensive knowledge in utilizing the most cutting-edge display advertising plans currently available and have experience in promoting general product and brand awareness.

Our extensive work with behavioral targeting, including re-targeting and pixelling for website optimization, allows us to directly target consumers and drive towards your target ROI. The Cross Agency can also align your business goals to geographic and demographic targeting opportunities. Appropriate placements and sponsorships opportunity research is also a part of our process.