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The Cross Agency is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in creating reliable cross-channel marketing campaigns that increase sales, generate leads and boost ROI. From concept, to planning to production, media buying and measuring results, we maximize your budget for long form, short form, direct mail, print and web. Our DR solutions are integrated, powerful and accountable. Working closely with our strategic marketing experts, our team of writers, designers and editors can ramp up quickly and efficiently with in-house production facilities. If you need to make the phones ring, The Cross Agency is your turnkey solution.


Natalie Wollet

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“Whether you are building a brand, or whether you are driving sales for a particular product, it drives revenue if you do it right.”

Natalie Wollet, VP, Vice President of Media


Creative Director EVP at The Cross Agency

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“We understand that your product or your service is very dear to you and we don’t want to take that away – we just want to offer you a better perspective for you to grow that business.”

Jon Nicolosi, EVP, Executive Creative Director


Director of Digital Media at The Cross Agency

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“As a comprehensive marketing objective, we will find an area where you can find success.”

Colin Williams, Director of Digital Media